Why Is Full-Grain Leather The Preferred Leather Of Choice?

Why Is Full-Grain Leather The Preferred Leather Of Choice?

In the world of leather, there are many terms to describe leather and its various levels of quality. Full-grain, top-grain, genuine, bonded and real are some of the leather types one may encounter when looking for leather goods. However, many of these terms, such as real and genuine leather, are simply umbrella terms that mean any material that has leather present in them. They are not an indicator of the quality of leather and are in fact, one of the lowest grades of leather out there. In contrast, full-grain leather is the highest quality of leather available. Here are some reasons why full-grain leather is the preferred leather of choice for luxury brands.


Full-grain leather has the best durability

Luxury brands use quality materials in making their products to ensure they last longer and maintain their high standards. When it comes to leather products, full-grain leather is an indicator of high quality due to its durability and strength. This type of leather comes from the outermost layer of the hide. The structure of the fibres within this leather is more tightly interlinked, which gives full-grain leather its durability. This strength also ensures that leather products– especially leather bags– maintain their shape over time, allowing you to carry that bag for longer.


Full-grain leather is truly one of a kind

The natural, beautiful appearance of the leather grain appeals to those who love classic, high-quality products. This fine-grain texture gives products their signature leather look, and naturally occurring grains are highly sought after by leather enthusiasts. Some may not find full-grain leather appealing due to its “imperfections”, but these marks and blemishes make full-grain leather truly unique.


Full-grain leather ages beautifully over time

One of the hallmarks of high-quality leather is that they become more beautiful over time. The ability to develop patina sets full-grain leather apart from its cheaper alternatives. Leather patina is a soft sheen that full-grain leather develops from use and exposure. The accumulation of your hands’ natural oils and exposure to sunlight causes the leather to oxidise and age naturally, giving leather goods their personality and character.


Full-grain leather is designed to last

When purchasing bags and accessories, one of the best qualities a product can have is timelessness. Leather is one of the few timeless materials used as a symbol of luxury for many decades for all the reasons mentioned above. With its durability and beautiful ageing properties, it is no wonder that leather is a material built to last. Opting for full-grain leather goods is a good investment for the future as they can last decades when you care for your full-grain leather goods.



Full-grain leather is the preferred leather of choice as it is simply a classic that a true leather aficionado would choose. For many reasons why full-grain leather is superior, identifying high-quality leather in products is an excellent skill to develop when looking for leather goods. At Rever, we use full-grain leather specially selected to create beautiful, high quality leather goods. Rever offers a wide range of leather goods and engraving services to help you find the perfect personalised corporate gift in Singapore.

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