Sensible Luxury, Made for You


Rever creates leather goods with a quiet charm, using leathers typically reserved for luxury brands and high fashion houses. Handcrafted by expert workshops with specialised experience on high end materials, each piece is created for you to enjoy for a long time. Taking inspiration from heirloom pieces with family emblems, Rever pieces can be monogrammed to signify a lasting bond between owner and product.

Sensibility and sincerity are values we hold close to heart, a standing philosophy behind everything we do. Made and priced with integrity, our pieces are made for the introspective consumer who appreciates a quiet charm, believes luxury centres on product quality, and treasures intrinsic worth over extrinsic value.

We invite you to share in our passion and experience the quality from our luxury leather tanneries and time-honoured craftsmanship..

Leather House

We use leathers typically reserved for luxury brands.

Our leather comes exclusively from selected renowned, multi-generational tanneries with a long history of perfecting their craft, mainly supplying to luxury brands. To us, the look and feel that comes from the effort of slow, traditional techniques are beautiful subtleties that cannot be replicated by modern technology.

With a strong commitment to our materials, we invite you to experience the heritage luxury leathers used in our Rever pieces.

How we source our leathers

Expert Craftsmanship

We work closely with seasoned in-house craftsmen and skilled workshops with specialised experience in handling leathers used by luxury brands to bring out the beauty in its details and for each piece to age gracefully with time.

Working directly with our makers gives us control over the technique and details behind each piece, while streamlining intermediary processes that don't bring value to our pieces. With lean and dedicated focus, we create well-made pieces for you to enjoy at a sensible price. 

What goes into a Rever Piece


Inspired by the intricacies of emblems on vintage heirloom objects, each Rever piece can be inscribed with initials of your own or your loved ones in our custom timeless serif font. 

To us, this signifies the personal bond between owner and Rever piece, and the relationship between you and the special people receiving a Rever gift.

Founder's Story

Our founders first discovered their interest in leather during their university days. Fascinated by the beauty of traditional full grain leathers from renowned Italian tanneries, they would buy a hide or two when they could to admire the leathers up close, and use them to make goods for family and friends.

Through months of sourcing, an obsessive attention to detail and applying their personal experience in the craft, Rever today creates timeless pieces that our founders themselves would use everyday, made with traditional quality, and made for you.

Read our founder’s personal entry here.

How it all began, part one
(5 min read)

Rever, in olden times, means to consider & reflect. In modern translation, it means to dream.