We started Rever to create handcrafted leather goods with a quiet form of beauty to be appreciated throughout seasons and trends. Our brand centers on timeless pieces with a richness in quality destined for long use.


Leather House

We work with renowned tanneries around the world supplying heritage luxury brands to import beautiful full-grain leathers as the core material for our brand.

Having a close relationship with our suppliers also gives us special access to stock lot leathers traditionally reserved for luxury fashion houses, so we can offer special batches of Rever pieces in rare seasonal colours from time to time. 


Commitment to Quality

Our pieces are made by seasoned, expert craftsmen using time-honoured, traditional techniques to ensure each piece ages beautifully with time.

With a strong dedication to quality and materials used, we create a line of essentials that are effortlessly considered and subtly refined.  



Our founders discovered their interest in leather & design during their university days, with a deep appreciation for the work that goes into elegantly crafted goods. Through explorative studies, they developed the aesthetics and values that make up Rever.

Rever is founded in Singapore in 2017.

Rever, in olden times, means to consider & reflect. In modern translation, it means to dream.