A Christmas love letter to you

To our dearest little REVER community,
What a year it's been! This has truly been a season of growth for us. We once threaded cautiously during the pandemic but finally took our first steps to pave our own way forward. A leap of faith got us to jumpstart our bag production and create new designs forged from the heart. We thought to ourselves, if not now, when? :)
We remembered second-guessing decisions we made pulling out of physical retail and the nerves when pulling the trigger on our Rubin, Daley, and Huns all at once -- a massive production commitment to gear up for an exciting season sharing our new bags lineup with you. Revisiting the memory lane, these gnawing feelings were definitely tense moments, but no doubt a necessary process that's part of our journey.
Fast forward to year-end, and we are now on the fourth run of our bags, we are so blessed with your support! Crossing paths with you with our bags is also such a joy, please don't mind us smiling like fools at you! :) 
We also had many lovely conversations with you, and are so grateful you stayed with us as we took REVER fully online. For those of you who missed out on why, we wanted to remove the distractions and intangibles of store management, and concentrate our efforts directly on our product and design. 
Thank you for being a part of our journey, we look forward to a wonderful new season ahead. Most of all, we are grateful for being able to do all that we do with your love and support.
It's going to be an exciting 2023! Meanwhile, time for rest, and for family. From all of us at REVER, have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays! 💛

With love,
Vivian & Sylvester

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