Here at Rever, we believe true quality speaks for itself. We use the finest full grain leathers sourced exclusively from renowned tanneries supplying luxury brands. Each tannery possesses decades worth of experience and renowned for the quality, suppleness and radiance. 

Our Sourcing Journey

Gaining access to our leathers involved months of travels and sourcing. Starting from a small circle of suppliers who became close friends, we were introduced to their contacts, widening our network each time. Many introductions and trips later, we now have tanneries supplying us a wide range of beautiful leathers from all around the world.

Having a close relationship with our suppliers has given us special access to stock lot leathers reserved for luxury brands and high fashion houses. These exclusive leathers are tanned in custom bespoke batches in limited quantities, which will only be accessible via invitation basis for suppliers in the know and never repeated for mass clientele.

Whenever there are new lots of leathers that our suppliers feel match our brand requirements, they will select relevant samples for us to review. We work closely together to select leather articles that best suits the character of an upcoming design for testing and prototyping before shipping finalised leathers to our workshop to begin the full production. With seasoned experts and intricate craftsmanship, we transform these leathers into timeless lifelong pieces, made intently for Rever owners to enjoy for the seasons to come.

Our Leather Selection

Origin: Italy | Type: Calf | Finishing: Milled

This leather is tumbled in a large drum to give it a softer and supple texture. This milling process also creates the signature "pebbled" appearance on the surface of the leather.

Origin: France & Italy | Type: Goat | Finishing: Semi-Aniline

The unique natural characteristics of this hide can be seen on its surface as only a small amount of pigment is used to provide protection from dirt and solvent. Goat leather is usually characterised by its longish pebbled grains.

Origin: Germany | Type: Bovine | Finishing: Embossed

Stiff and firm leather with regular grains. Hardy surface makes it scratch resistant and grains will fade in areas with high contact over time.

Origin: Italy | Type: Calf | Finishing: Chrome (Marble)

Using a special hand dying technique, this leather gives off a vintage and rustic look.

Origin: Italy | Type: Calf | Finishing: Box

Stiff and rigid leather with a smooth finishing.

Origin: Italy | Type: Goat | Finishing: Vegetable Tanned

One of the oldest methods to tanned leather, this type of tanning process allows the leather to age and patina visibly with time. By using goat leather, gives it a softer touch in comparison to the usual bovine or calf vegetable tanned counterparts.

Origin: Italy | Type: Calf | Finishing: Nappa

Recognised for its soft buttery supple touch.

Origin: Italy | Type: Lamb | Finishing: Semi-Aniline

One of the softest and delicate leathers, lamb leathers have the most supple touch. This leather requires the most care as the surface is easily scratched and damage if one is not careful.