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Leather House

We work with renowned tanneries to import beautiful full-grain leathers as our core material. Based mainly in Italy, France and Germany, they possess centuries worth of experience, and are leaders of their field for thier craft and sustainability. Our close relationship with our suppliers gives us rare access to leathers traditionally reserved for luxury brands, transformed at our workshops with careful and experienced hands into Rever pieces. 

LEATHER HOUSE -- current & archived leathers from renowned tanneries worldwide used to make each Rever piece.

Origin: Italy -- Type: Calf, Milled

This leather is tumbled in a large drum to give it a softer and supple texture. This milling process also creates the signature "pebbled" appearance on the surface of the leather.

Italian Dry Milled Calf Leather
Origin: France & Italy -- Type: Goat, Semi-Aniline

The unique natural characteristics of this hide can be seen on its surface as only a small amount of pigment is used to provide protection from dirt and solvent. Goat leather is usually characterized by its longish pebbled grains.

French Semi-Aniline Goat Leather
Origin: German -- Type: Bovine, Embossed

Stiff and firm leather with regular grains. Hardy surface makes it scratch resistant and grains will fade in areas with high contact over time.

Italian Embossed Epsom Calf Leather
Origin: Italy -- Type: Calf, Chrome (Marble)

Using a special hand-dying technique, this leather gives off a vintage and rustic look.

Italian Chrome Marble Calf Leather
Origin: Italy -- Type: Calf, Box

Stiff and rigid leather with a smooth finishing.

Italian Box Calf Leather
Origin: Italy -- Type: Goat, Vegetable Tanned

One of the oldest methods to tan leather, this type of tanning process allows the leather to age and patina visibly with time. By using goat leather, it gives it a softer touch in comparison to the usual bovine or calf vegetable-tanned counterparts.

Italian Vegetable Tanned Goat Leather
Origin: Italy -- Type: Calf, Nappa

Recognized for its soft, buttery, supple touch.

Italian Nappa Calf Leather
Origin: France -- Type: Calf, Shrunken

This leather is created with a shrinking process that pulls the material closer together, resulting in beautiful heavy grains with pronounced veining, yet soft and supple to the touch. Due to its distinctive deep texture, this leather is extremely durable and easy to care for, without the rigidity that usually comes with similar hides.

French Calf Shrunken Leather
Origin: Italy -- Type: Lamb, Semi-Aniline

One of the softest and delicate leathers, lamb leathers have the most supple touch. This leather requires the most care as the surface is easily scratched and damaged if one is not careful.

Italian Semi-Aniline Lamb Leather