Rever products are constructed with the leathers of the highest quality. We pride ourselves in sourcing only the best from renowned tanneries in the world. 

Having a close relationship with our suppliers also gives us special access to stock lot leathers traditionally reserved for luxury fashion houses, so we can offer special batches of Rever pieces in rare seasonal colours from time to time. 

Full-Grain Quality
Our products are made with full-grain leather, the finest grade of leather achieved by selecting the best hides to be treated organically with minimal alterations to the surface, hence preserving the natural grains in its purest form. Natural surface variations are defining qualities of our full grain hides that sets them apart from other leathers. 

Tanneries' Background 
The tanneries that produce our materials are world renowned and possess over a century’s worth of specialised knowledge in their field. Each hide is treated with traditional tanning techniques aimed at enhancing its natural beauty – methods that are perfected by our tanneries over the decades.


Our Leather SelectionOrigin: Italy | Type: Calf | Finishing: Milled
A matt leather that is soft and supple to the touch.


Our Leathers | Full Grain French Goat Leather, Italia Cow Leather – Rever Leather GoodsOrigin: France & Italy | Type: Goat | Finishing: Aniline
Naturally water resistant with slight shine, characterised by its pebbled grains.


Origin: Italy | Type: Calf | Finishing: Aniline

Recognised for its soft buttery feel, supple texture and longevity.


Origin: Germany | Type: Bovine | Finishing: Embossed
Stiff and firm leather with regular small grains. Hardy surface makes it scratch resistant and grains will fade in areas with high contact.