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Article: Ways To Identify High Quality Leather In Leather Products

Ways To Identify High Quality Leather In Leather Products

Ways To Identify High Quality Leather In Leather Products

Leather goods and accessories have been highly sought after for centuries. These luxurious goods are popular not only due to their appearance but also their durability and versatility. Leather accessories allow you to appear confident and sophisticated; the beautiful, natural material that comes in wide varieties, making it hard to identify the best leather, as the terms used to describe them may sound synonymous to those new to the material. To help you find the best leather goods, here are some ways to identify high quality leather in leather products.


Grade of the leather

Raw leather is typically categorised into grades, representing the various attributes of the leather. These contribute to its strength, resistance and even how the leather feels. The material generally falls into one of these four categories: full-grain, top-grain, split-grain and genuine. Many may believe “genuine leather” should be one of the best, but it is, in fact, simply a term that covers any material that can be officially classified as leather. Genuine leather is created by splitting full-grain leather, removing away any imperfections– a synthetic grain pattern may even be stamped on it.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have full-grain leather which is the highest and strongest grade. Minimal is done to this raw material to retain its extraordinary strength and beauty. The best, most wear-resistant products are made of full-grain leather. As you peruse for leather goods, check what leather the products are made from. Natural grains in their pure form, our Rever pieces are made from minimally altered full-grain leather, bringing you the finest quality.


Origin of the leather

Where the leather originates from matters; only established tanneries can produce high quality leather, as tanning leather is an incredibly technical process. Years of experience and extreme care are required to produce this highly sought-after material. The leather used in our Rever products comes from renowned tanneries in Europe, such as Italy, Germany and France. Italy is known for its quality leather, as many generations have refined the tanning process in their tanneries to bring us the best luxury-grade leather.


Structure of the grain

Taking a closer look at the leather grains, full-grain leather may have natural veins, stretch marks and tone variations. However, these are not blemishes, nor do they indicate a lack of quality. Instead, these tiny imperfections show authenticity in the leather. Authentic leather of the highest quality has a very full-grain– hence, its name. The leather should be textured, and feel soft yet sturdy.



When purchasing leather products online, it is vital to ensure that you understand which leather is the best. Invest in the best quality leather, and it can last you a lifetime. At Rever, we are committed to bringing you a variety of high quality leather goods. Based in Singapore, our luxury leather bags are made in specialised workshops and with great attention to detail.

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