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Article: Our Limited Edition Bifold Wallet Series

Our Limited Edition Bifold Wallet Series - Rever Leather Goods

Our Limited Edition Bifold Wallet Series

In our yearly cycle, the months of March and April are spent catching up with our suppliers in exhibitions and connecting with new tanneries in search of beautiful luxury full-grain leathers to add to our rotation.​

While everything is virtual this year, we had a great time chatting with our wonderful partners and received samples from far via mail! The pieces they recommended were far too beautiful to be missed; we decided to ship in a few hides to make into a small limited collection.


Explore our newly released limited edition series of handcrafted bifold wallets, dedicated to showcasing these leathers that have captured a special place in our heart for their beautiful characteristics. 


A special mention goes to a beautiful find: A hand-dyed Museum Marbled Calf Leather made by a renowned traditional tannery in Fucecchio, Italy. The marbled effect is created by the hands of skilled artisans with decades of experience, as a result in no two hides are the same in variation and shade.  

The pieces we prepared for this launch have been sold, but a preorder has been opened for the Stater Full Bifold Men's Wallet. For those of you who wish to have this made into the Franklin Money Clip Men's Wallet or small Stater Half Bifold Wallet, do reply to this email to get in touch!

P.S. Please place your wallet preorders early if you would like them to reach you in time by Father's Day; each piece is made to order and handcrafted individually with love.


In addition to the beautiful Cow and Goat leathers in highly requested textures and colours, we have a small selection of exotic leathers Men and Women bifold wallets for a number of you who have requested for personalised bespoke pieces over the months. We hope that you will manage to find a piece that speaks to you!


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