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Article: Our Community Picks: Elegant office gifts for colleagues

Our Community Picks: Elegant office gifts for colleagues - Rever Leather Goods

Our Community Picks: Elegant office gifts for colleagues

Be it a farewell token of appreciation to thank your team for their mentorship, a congratulations gift for a senior's well deserved promotion, or to celebrate the conclusion of a successful project, a unique gift that shows thought is sure to wow your co-workers and connect with them on a meaningful level. 

Depending on your closeness and budget, there are a number of favourites in Rever's collection that our community swear by as gifts for all occasions. We asked a few of our customers to provide you with real and honest recommendations on what they would choose, or prefer if they were on the receiving end at work. From here, we have compiled our top five recommendations for workplace gifting and in their words, their reasons why. Here goes! 


A timeless luxury gift that works well for formal celebrations. 

Our Alfred Valet Tray

"A really elegant piece that is made with supple leathers and packaged beautifully. It suits all ages and occasions. To prove my point, I've gifted this to my little brother for his 21st birthday, as well as seniors in my firm ranging between 30 to 65 and they all loved the trays!"

Naomi placed her vote for the Alfred Large Valet Tray in Gold with Gold initials.


An elegant gift that comes in handy at work.

Our Card Holders

"When it comes to workplace gifting, I think it really goes without saying that card holders will be a gift that is appreciated and well used. My favourite go to combination is the Remy Card Holder as its really well crafted and the design is versatile (it can be used as a small wallet if not for name cards). The personalisation location also plays a part for me: it is inside, hence subtle enough to get for a wide range of preferences."

Jason favourites are the Remy Card Holder, Alfred Valet Tray and Leon Lanyard in Black or Gold. 


Great for younger colleagues in a closely knit team.  

Our Rubin Phone Pouch

"I ordered this on behalf of my colleagues for a beloved senior who was rotating to a different department. We thought she could use this for lunch and errands and she loved it! Besides being so well made and personalised with her initials, this is a very unique and useful gift that worked out great for us. It is now well enjoyed by a colleague whose company we enjoyed"

Natalia went for the Gold Rubin Phone Pouch and Biggins Card Holder Gift Set with complimentary Gold Foiling Personalisation (at the back of the Rubin Phone Pouch for a subtle touch). 

A unique and personal team gift or congratulatory present for senior colleagues.


Our Desktop Name Card Stand 

"I got this for my team, as well as business clients as an anniversary gift and it was very well received. The presentation was elegant and personal, plus the items were perfectly crafted. It really left an impression with my clients as it was not the conventional gifts they would receive."

Gerald voted for the Burgundy Name Card Stand with Gold Foil Personalisation as his personal favourite. He and his team works in the financial services field and recommend the Name Card Stand for team bonding presents or business gifts.


A useful and versatile gift that is perfect if you're gifting a whole troop. 


Our Leather Canvas Pouch

"A affordable price point for an elegant product that well made and comes in really handy for work or personal use. I got it for my colleagues as personalised team gifts last Christmas. Whenever I meet them they are using it. In fact, I use it everyday myself! As someone who really loves their job and coworkers, it feels great to knowing they really do like and use the gifts."

Christine recommends the 10 piece Leather & Canvas Pouch Gift Set for the complimentary Gold Foil Personalisation.
She chose the Brown and Beige tone for herself and a mixture of the three colour ways for her colleagues. 



P.S. A tip to take gifting to the next level: Customise your Gift Message.

Apart from the gift itself, taking the time to truly connect with your colleagues can go a long way to show them how much you appreciate working alongside each other.

Accompany your gift with a personalised message from the heart. If you're out of ideas, share a quality or trait that you admire, reminisce about that work trip abroad to share some laughs, or keep it simple and genuine by thanking them for their invaluable mentorship all this time. 

Type your message in the custom box provided if you would like us to prepare your card and pack it in with your gift. For team gifts, each gift will be labeled for you to sort it out easily while handing them out.


We hope this has been useful for you! As always, if you need personalised recommendations, feel free to chat with our team via the live chat function on our site, or email us at 

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