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Article: How To Take Care Of Your Full Grain Leather Products

How To Take Care Of Your Full Grain Leather Products - Rever Leather Goods

How To Take Care Of Your Full Grain Leather Products

How To Take Care Of Your Full Grain Leather Products

Leather is known to last years, even decades. Real leather, especially those of higher grades, are natural materials that preserve its natural properties. Typically the highest grade of leather, full-grain leather, will have natural signs on its surface– grain differences, scars, and other imperfections are all signs of leather's authenticity and uniqueness. Leather fades over time, but with proper care and maintenance, your leather goods may even last you a lifetime.


Cleaning your leather products

The most reliable way to clean your leather products is simply to wipe them down with a damp cloth every few weeks to remove dirt and dust. Avoid using soap as the chemical residue can cause damage to the leather over frequent cleanings. Allow the items to dry thoroughly– avoiding direct heat or direct sunlight– before keeping them back in storage.

While leather cleaning products may be used to clean your bags and wallets, ensure you do not use them excessively, as the chemicals may harm the leather. Follow the instructions for the leather cleaning products carefully. It is recommended that you do a test on a hidden spot first to check if the product is suitable for your leather product.


Moisturise your leather

Just like skin, leather needs to be moisturised, especially in dry environments. Using leather conditioners or mink oil, you can moisturise your leather goods every five months. Leather conditioners or suitable oils prevent the leather from drying out so that they do not shrink and crack. Like cleaning products, always conduct a spot test on a small area of the product.


Well-ventilated rooms are key

Ensure the room has sufficient ventilation to prevent mildew and rot when keeping your leather products. In a climate with high humidity, such as Singapore, it is vital to air out your bags every few weeks to prevent mildew and mould from growing. Silica gel can be stored together with the bags to reduce the amount of moisture.


Store in fabric dust bags

Leather needs to breathe and should not be stored in containers made of plastic as it can lead to a buildup of moisture, mildew, and even discolouration. Breathable fabric bags are recommended for storing leather goods. Rever pieces come with our signature soft microfiber drawstring Dust Bag, which can be used to store your leather goods.

Additionally, leather bags can be filled with stuffing such as butter paper or airbags. Ensure that the bag is not overstuffed so that the bag can retain its shape without any distortion.



Proper cleaning and storage of your leather bags and accessories are essential in ensuring that your natural leather products last longer and maintain their beauty. To ensure your leather products last, learn to identify high quality leather in your bags and accessories. Rever offers a wide range of luxury leather bags in Singapore that are designed to last. Made from the finest full-grain leather, Rever's quality leather goods are made to stand the test of time with proper care and maintenance.

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