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Article: Exude Confidence And Sophistication with Leather Accessories

Exude Confidence And Sophistication with Leather Accessories

Leather is a timeless material, known for its strength and durability, as well as its softness and smoothness. The duality of its natural property makes leather the epitome of choice for luxury good and accessories. Channel your inner confidence and sophistication with Revers’ leather accessories.


Leather: A Classic

Leather accessories are classic and timeless. Leather accessories have graced high fashion runways for ages. Dior’s Saddle Bag, which was first debuted in John Galliano’s Spring/Summer 2000 collection is an iconic moment in fashion history. It has since become an icon of 2000s nostalgia, pushing its status as a classic, causing reiterations of the design appearing in 2018, under Maria Grazia Chiuri. The Birkin by Hermès is yet another landmark piece in the history of leather bags, with its military inspired design as a testament to its usability, and soft, supple leather as a signal of high luxury.

Rever’s collection of luxury leather bags in Singapore follows the same design thinking. Our pieces are designed to be minimalistic and timeless, featuring high-quality materials used by luxury leather houses and intricate workmanship to ensure the flawless execution and durability of our products.



Leather boasts a long history of more than 7000 years old, whose primary purpose was for tools and clothing. The reason is mainly due to its tensile strength. With this nature, leather can be seen in military use, from ancient Roman armours to modern military boots. Leather is seen as protection, and a symbol of power, with cultures co-opting it into their outfits – think bikers and leather jackets.

With time, leather has been associated with intense masculinity and power for both men and women. Uma Thurman, who played the Bride in Kill Bill 2, wore a costume where leather is prominently featured to further cement power and confidence. As such, leather has become a symbolic suit of armour for individuals who want to exude an air of confidence. At Rever, we design high-quality leather goods for both men and women, with lasting quality and designs made to boost your confidence.



Leather is a symbol of luxury. Throughout history, leather has been regarded as a luxury material, and wearing leather pieces is seen as sophisticated and exclusive. Due to its durability, leather products are made to last and can be seen as an investment. Preparing leather is complex and requires highly skilled artisans who have dedicated their lives to the craft, honing it to perfection.

At Rever, we sourced full-grain leather – the highest grade of leather, as our core material. We work with suppliers that cater exclusively to luxury brands to create our collection of luxury leather goods befitting our clients.



Leather’s unique characteristics have made it distinctive as a material choice. With the duality of ruggedness and sophistication, leather goods are a perfect choice for any individual. Crafted with care and high-end leather, our personalised corporate gifts, bags and wallets are made with you in mind. Invest in yourself or the people you treasure with Rever.

For information on our high-grade leather products, visit our website at

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