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Article: Huns Saddle Bag & Rubin Phone Bag at the stables

At the stables - Rever Leather Goods

Huns Saddle Bag & Rubin Phone Bag at the stables


Recently, we made a mini trip across our borders, where we visited a private stable in the suburbs of JB to attempt a fun casual shoot with horses. The shoot was initially meant for the launch of our bag around this time, which to our pleasant surprise, was snapped up prelaunch and sold out again at our 2nd preorder stage. We are ever so grateful for your love and appreciation for our craft. 

Since we don't have the inventory to release right now (3rd preorder opened for 2nd December), we spontaneously decided to unwind for a mini break, where we shot a few quick snaps at ease using our phone and spent the day immersed in nature learning about horses and stables upkeep from the owner. :) We had loads of fun riding and exploring the grounds, and want to share our outtakes with you to relax with us this midweek. P.S. shooting on/with horses proved a lot more challenging than we thought too!

P.S. a little background story: Sly's dad is a one star long distance equestrian endurance rider that has represented Singapore a couple years ago in SEA games! We are very proud of him and happy to spend the day learning more about his passion. Here, amongst many beautiful and majestic horses, we feature his horse too, Romeo.

The entire landscape was so quaint and beautiful. We felt like we were transported to a different time. 

At this privately owned stables, all the horses are endurance trained, meaning riders register with them for competitions at many different provincial terrains! 

The gated training grounds that covers short distance training. For endurance riding, the riders go into the forested areas with their horses and cover about 120km. 

Wishing you guys a lovely week ahead! 

P.S. This is Romeo! He is a beautiful Arabic desert endurance equestrian horse and currently recovering from leg surgery, hence we didn't feature him today. :) 





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