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Article: What You Need To Know About Styling Leather Accessories

What You Need To Know About Styling Leather Accessories

What You Need To Know About Styling Leather Accessories

Leather is a noble material and has been used to make several accessories, from shoes to belts to bags. Leather is a long-lasting material worn throughout the years as a symbol of luxury. Leather’s timelessness allows them to be worn all year round, regardless of the season. Accessories made from leather allow you to incorporate luxury into your look in a subtle and sophisticated manner. Exude class and elegance every day and elevate your looks with leather accessories.


Luxury in the everyday

Originally used for its strength and durability, investing in leather accessories ensures that your daily accessories are built to last. With their resilient nature, leather bags and wallets are a practical, sturdy choice to carry all essentials from work necessities to personal belongings. Leather’s water resistance makes it the perfect choice for everyday wear, ideal for all occasions. Invest in leather products to complete your look effortlessly every day.


Elevate your look with leather

Leather has been a symbol of luxury throughout history as luxury had been most accessible to the affluent. Leather was typically used for practical and military use until the modern age. Leather maintained its luxury status through the decades, and many fashion icons incorporated them into their style, such as the iconic leather jacket. Leather accessories are a simple yet impactful way to elevate your style and add an air of sophistication. Imbue cohesiveness in your look with a leather briefcase or tote bag to store your laptop and folders for work. Opt for full-grain leather when choosing your carriers, as the leather is untampered and has the highest durability. As such, they would retain their shape better and last longer.


Experiment with colour

Leather comes in all variations and is not limited to browns and blacks. Leather is treated in tanneries with dyes to accentuate the natural grains of the leather. Pair your leather shoes with a matching leather bag. Match your necklace or necklace with the same shade as your leather accessories. Experimenting with colours can add flair to your leather pieces. Warm tones like orange with brown leather can create a warm, welcoming vibe. Complementary colours like blue can make your brown leather accessories pop. Have fun with your looks, and don’t be afraid to experiment, as leather is highly versatile.


Go easy on prints

Full-grain leather is the highest quality leather that is unaltered, giving its signature textured look. Meanwhile, top-grain leather is the next best option with a smoother finish due to sanding and buffing of the top layer. As leather is a textured material, mix and match your pieces to ensure a cohesive style. Too many textures can clash, making the outfit look gaudy and distracting. For more textured leather, such as full-grain, you can pair them with soft fabrics such as wool or cotton. 



In a warm tropical climate, leather accessories are a great way to incorporate luxury into your style. Leather products are incredibly flexible and can add a quiet charm to your looks. Choose high-quality leather goods made from full-grain leather for your everyday look. From luxury leather bags to engraved leather wallets in Singapore, find your signature leather piece at Rever.

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