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Article: Tips To Choosing A Wallet That Will Last You Forever

Tips To Choosing A Wallet That Will Last You Forever

Tips To Choosing A Wallet That Will Last You Forever

Wallets are more than yet another accessory. Wallets are personal; they are companions relied upon to hold the most important belongings and valuables. In this modern day, wallets are made of a variety of materials, from traditional leather to plastic to even metal cases. Despite the various evolutions and new creations, early wallets were traditionally made of cow or horse leather. It is no wonder that leather wallets remain to be a popular choice with their timeless finish and incredible strength.


Quality of the material

Wallets can be made of a variety of materials, but there is no denying that leather wallets are designed to last. It is important to note that not all leather wallets are built the same. Opt for wallets that are made of high quality leather, such as top-grain or full-grain leather, as they have higher wear resistance. Full-grain leather will also develop a patina when used and ages beautifully. Identifying the type of leather can ensure you choose a high quality material.

As wallets are used daily, investing in more premium materials will ensure your wallets will last. Avoid genuine leather or bonded leather. Despite its name, genuine leather is one of the lowest grades of leather, consisting of a weak material that would not last. The peeling and flaking off of leather wallets are typically a result of bonded leather, which is essentially scraps and leftover leather fibres bound with fabric.


Wallet style

Style is one thing you should consider when selecting a wallet. If this wallet is meant to last, consider its appearance and how it compliments your personal style. A classy, timeless design that is versatile ensures that it matches any outfit or occasion.



When choosing the wallet style, consider the items you intend to carry in them. A current trending style is minimalist and sleek– ensure that there is sufficient space or compartments for what you need.

Bi-fold wallets: For those who prefer to carry cash, it is crucial to get a wallet that has a compartment to keep the notes, such as the classic bi-fold wallet. Bi-fold wallets are one of the most popular types of wallets for men. Our Carter Bi-fold Wallets require minimal maintenance, made of hardy, scratch-resistant surface that will stand against daily wear and tear.

Money clip wallets: A money clip is typically a way to hold your cash and cards in a compact manner if you do not intend to carry a bulky one. Rever’s take on a money clip is our Franklin Money Clip Wallet, that is sleek and compact.

Zip wallets: Zip wallets are an incredibly versatile style that is spacious and secure. Rever’s Eloise Zip Wallets are great for women on the go, as they are completed with a strap to sling on your wrist.


There are many more leather wallets to choose from, and finding a wallet that will last you requires thoughtful consideration. Rever pieces are designed to last, and we have a wide selection of styles to choose from. We use only full-grain leather to craft our quality leather goods to bring timeless leather wallets to Singapore.

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