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Article: Huns Saddle –– The Making

Rever Personalised Fine Leather Goods - Huns Saddle Crossbody Womens Bag - Bordeaux Italian Leather

Huns Saddle –– The Making

Shop Our Huns Saddle – Rever Leather Goods

The Huns Saddle was a personal favourite that we worked hard on designing back when we first launched Rever. After remaking two batches back in 2019, we had to halt production during 2020. This is what we have been spending our time on quietly in the past year:


Our Leather

Keeping to our promise, we sourced beautiful full-grain leathers from renowned heritage tanneries. This time, we are working with an Italian tannery that produces a softer version of our textured grain leathers, balancing between suppleness and durability.

Our Huns Saddle Bag – Rever Leather Goods



Our Hardware

We custom made our hardware to make sure that it was the perfect shade of gold, plated in the right thickness for long-lasting use. The lock mechanism was carefully tuned for a smooth, seamless movement to be used with ease.

Our Huns Saddle Bag – Rever Leather Goods


Back in New Colours

We had countless requests to make our saddle in warm and bright tones. So we did! Our upcoming release comes with two brand new shades that you'll be able to pair effortlessly and enjoy over the seasons.

Our Huns Saddle Bag – Rever Leather Goods


A Mini Huns Tag

While refining our design, we made multiple mini versions of our bag to test the silhouette. They were the cutest things ever, so we decided to make it into our tag! Pair your Huns Saddle with our mini Huns tag, personalised with your initials.

Our Huns Saddle Bag – Rever Leather Goods


Thank you.

We are heartened by your love for our Rever pieces over the seasons. Thank you for supporting us in all ways, whether you've purchased from us, told a friend, or patiently waited (forever) for our Huns Saddle's return! We wouldn't be here if not for you. :)

With Love, 
Vivian & Sylvester

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