History Of Leather: Evolution Of Leather Through The Years

History Of Leather: Evolution Of Leather Through The Years

Leather remains a widely used material today and comes in several grades, textures and colours. This incredible material has been used throughout history to make clothing, bags and even tools. The rich history of the leather craft has been passed down for many generations worldwide, allowing many luxury brands to create stunning leather pieces we have come to adore. Here is how leather has evolved to become the symbol of sophistication we know today.


Leather has been around since ancient times

In ancient times when humankind hunted for food, they realised that the animal hides left over from hunting could also be utilised. The hides could be turned into clothing and used for protection, which was the birth of leather. Evidence of hide-working and tanning has been found from 400,000 years ago, and leather-working tools have been confirmed to be used as early as 5,000 BC. During this time, leather was most commonly used for shelter, clothing and shoes as the material was hardy and provided great protection against the elements. As time evolved, humans found them suitable materials for shields, tools and even luxurious jewellery.


Leather’s emergence in fashion

While leather had not always been associated with fashion and luxury, the Greeks and Romans in the eighth century combined leather’s practicality and style to create fashionable accessories, handbags and shields from leather. Leather went through a creative evolution throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance. During this time, leather was not just tanned; other processes were employed, such as dyeing, carving, stamping and even moulding. These processes of making leather were mastered over the years, paving the way for the modern, stylish leather we see today.


Leather craftsmanship is highly valued and a symbol of status.

As the art of leather-making developed, the use of leather continued to spread across the globe. This versatile, high-quality material is appreciated by many cultures and civilisations, including the pharaohs and queens of Ancient Egypt, to be one of the most bustling trades of the Renaissance. In recent times, leather products have retained their popularity and become symbols of status, from the iconic leather jacket to leather bags as a symbol of luxury.


Luxury leather goods in the modern day

Leather is still widely used in fashion pieces, with more minimalistic designs to give leather its well-deserved spotlight. Many luxury brands today combine traditional craftsmanship and modern designs to create the perfect blend of quality and style. Rever pieces are designed to last, crafted with the finest full-grain leather sourced from renowned European tanneries. Combining luxury leather with intricate craftsmanship, Rever pieces carry the rich history of leather with a contemporary twist.



Leather has been used in various goods since ancient times but has evolved to be a luxury material, a symbol of sophistication and elegance today. Here at Rever, we design quality leather goods for you to carry a piece of history in elegance and style. With the best materials and craftsmanship from around the world, Rever brings you personalised wallets and customised leather bags in Singapore.

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