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Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Hospitals is a private healthcare provider serving Asia Pacific with their strategic network of specialist clinics and comprehensive treatments.  


For their anniversary, we created a bespoke product, the Cammann Stethoscope Tag complete with their corporate company logo, recipient's name or initial personalisation and custom packaging as one of a kind gifts for medical specialists of Mount Elizabeth and Parkway Hospitals.
Wanting to create something special and unique for their doctors and specialists, Mount Elizabeth did not want off the shelf products, but something that all their doctors and partners could use. Our craftsmen thought of the one tool that most if not all doctors and specialist used which was the stethoscope. From there we learnt that doctors in the hospitals tend to hang their stethoscopes together in the ward and had issues finding their own ones(for hygiene purpose too). Therefore, we wanted to create a tag or an identifier to solve this issue.
The tag not only had to be compact and not get in the way of the user but would also be able to take the frequent alcohol cleaning that doctors use to sanitise their equipment. Therefore a small tag, the Cammann Stethoscope Tag was designed, using leathers with a layer of sealant to protect its surface from the alcohol sanitisation was created.