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Article: Explore Our Exotic Collection, now Launched

Explore Our Exotic Collection, now Launched - Rever Leather Goods

Explore Our Exotic Collection, now Launched

 Our bespoke exotic made-to-order series is now ready to accept your customisation request for a one-of-a-kind handcrafted wallet. Read on to understand a little about this limited range and how it's being produced:
Article: Green Crocodile Leather, Tannery Origin: Singapore, Finishing: Gloss

 About our Exotics:

Sourced from renowned tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group, our exotic leathers are handpicked by our production team; gems that we have carefully curated over time mainly from local and Italian suppliers. 

A little fun fact for you: Singapore houses our own exotic leather tannery and happens to be the world's best in the field. They are the leading supplier of top fashion houses globally!

Our bespoke exotic wallet collection, interior lining selection of goat leathers

Interior Lining Leather:

The interior compartments and lining of our exotic collection use Goat leather, a material that combines the suppleness of lamb leather with the durability of cowhide. It also features a distinctive grain that complements the uniqueness of the exotic leather on the exterior. 

With a variety of colours presented, you'll have the option to go for a muted tone for an understated aesthetic, or to go for vibrant colours to make a truly bespoke piece unique to you.

 our bespoke exotic wallet series, placement and cut of leather for our made to order wallets

Made to Order:

As these leathers are truthfully as rare as they are beautiful, we make pieces to order in-house to maximize each hide and prevent unnecessary production wastage. This helps us to ensure that each cut placement and combination of colors is exact to what you would want. This, to us, is paying homage to the efforts that went into producing the leathers, from farming to tanning. For our made-to-order pieces, each wallet takes about 2 weeks to be made individually by hand in our studio. 

bespoke exotic wallet collection

Now live on our site for your exploration.


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