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Article: Our Crafting Process

Our Crafting Process - Rever Leather Goods

Our Crafting Process

Here at Rever, our retail goods are produced in small capsule batches by our in-house team. We employ traditional crafting techniques that pair beautifully with our full grain leathers to achieve fine detailing in our pieces. It takes more time, but it's the effort that makes all the difference! 

Here's a walkthrough of some of our processes behind the scenes:

Choosing the right cut: We use full grain leather for our products, which is the highest grade of leathers in the industry selected for minimal processing to retain its pure grain. At this stage, our crafters handpick selected hides and make careful selections to ensure consistency in grain pattern and thickness.

Rever Leather Goods Behind The Scenes Handcrafting Process

Glue, roll and set: Once the unique cuts are chosen, we pair the upper French Goat leathers and inner Italian Calf leather lining together with leather adhesives. Now, we set it aside and let the bonding chemicals do its magic to make the upper and bottom layer become one. 

Splitting and Skiving: A cutting process that reduces the overall thickness of the product or tapers the edge thickness for a sleeker finish. 

Rever Leather House Gold Foiling Handcrafting Process

Gold Foiling: After the glue sets, the Rever logo is imprinted on our item as a mark of our work and product quality. 

Rever Leather Goods Behind The Scenes Handcrafting Process Edge Painting

Sanding and Edge Painting, because it's all in the details: Edge painting is a process that seals the edges of the product to create a consistent finish. Before applying the paint, our edges are sanded down by hand to ensure a smooth surface for the paint to glide over, forming an event coat. The coats are applied in individual thin layers several times to make an overall thick and solid seal over the edges. This is to ensure its longevity as the product ages with time. 

Scoring: Using a scoring tool as a guide, we outline the product with stitching lines. 

Rever Leather Goods Behind The Scenes Handcrafting Handstitching

One by one, we punch and we stitch: We use saddle stitching, a time-honoured hand stitching technique that creates beautiful lines forming the frame for our product. 

Rever Leather Goods Behind The Scenes Handcrafting Hand Stitching

Now, we repeat. These are some of the general crafting processes that we do in summation, where the process described for a single layer/compartment is repeated every step of the way to form the final completed piece. In order to achieve the best result, our workflows are a bit more complicated and there is a lot of repetition to enhance the beauty of the final product. 

We hope this walkthrough gives you some insight as to how your Rever products are being made! From all of us at Rever, we really enjoy the crafting process and hope that you too will enjoy using our products for a long time. 

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