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Sizing & Details
Hardware: 3 screw post and key ring extension

(Our screw posts are 0.4cm in diameter. Please ensure that your key holes are large enough before purchasing. You could get them enlarged at a locksmith for a small fee. Rever reserves the right to reject any exchanges or refunds.)

Note: We use traditional tanning techniques and minimal finishing intentionally chosen for a unique, natural appearance. Hence, the shade and grain of leather may vary slightly with different batches of hide used.

A sleek luxurious exterior paired with ergonomic design, the Bay is an elegant holder for your keys while preventing them from scratching other belongings. Keys are secured by a screw post, allowing for easy access. The external key ring extension allows you to attach additional car, banking or house devices to have all essentials with you in one grab.

Turn screw post in anticlockwise direction to unscrew and install keys.
Install long screwpost when ring extension is in use.