• 10.7 H x 7.6 W x 1.6 D cm (4.2" H x 3"  W x 0.6" D)
  • 2 vertical card slots
  • 1 concealed card slot
  • 1 gusset cards/bills slot with 1 front card slot
Foil | Origin: Germany | Brand: Kurz
Gold Foil: Heated Deboss with Gold Foil (Visible imprint with gold contrast)
Colourless Deboss: Heated Deboss without Foil (Subtle imprint)

Threads | Origin: Germany | Brand: Serafil, Guttermann
High durability to ensure threads stay intact during use. 

Edge Paint | Origin: Italy | Brand: Fenice
Carefully applied by hand in multiple, individual coats. A traditional handcrafting technique that gives our edges an elegant and smooth finish.