Nothing quite compares to the joy of gifting, whether you're letting someone know how much they mean, or when you are on the receiving end celebrating milestones in your life. 
In the same spirit, we have decided to have our Gifting Rewards, a simple way of thanking you whenever you shop for your gifts with us. With our Gifting Rewards Program, earn points every time you shop with us and use them to redeem in-store rewards. 

Click on the gift icon at the bottom right corner of our site to get started.


Earn 1 Gift Point for every dollar spent


100 Gift Points  –– 10% Off Voucher
200 Gift Points –– 15%Off Voucher
500 Gift Points –– 20% Off Voucher

10% off Your First Order

Creating an account earns you 50 points. 

Receive 50 points when you connect with us on Instagram & Facebook.

Redeem your 100 points for a 10% off voucher.
No minimum spend is required, it's our way of welcoming you to our club! 

Birthday Treat

Receive 200 points on your special day to treat yourself!