Crafted with repurposed excess and off-cut leather leftover from our past production runs, Offcuts is our way of getting closer to zero waste, by giving these materials a new lifecycle with you.

Our very first pieces under this sub-label are gifts from our team to you and not for sale individually. We hope you'll love this surprise, and appreciate the meaning behind it as much as we do.
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Our Offcuts Cable Organiser

Made with a mix of offcut leathers recycled from our past production runs, receive a little surprise packed with every order above $100, while stocks last.

Our Offcuts Hand Sanitizer Holder

Made from excess overstock leathers from past collections and projects. A gift to you for orders $300 & up, while stocks last.

Since the start, Rever pieces have always been designed mindfully for timeless appreciation and crafted to be enjoyed for a long time to come. We are developing Offcuts at a slower pace with the intent of reducing our waste, and aim to approach this sub-label we created with the same Rever sensibility. We hope this sharing gives you some insight into our process, and the small steps we are taking to do what we love with more meaning, and less waste. We are really happy as a team that we have taken this tiny step forward today to align closer with our values and look forward to doing more. We hope you'll come along our journey with us.