I have completed my sign up, where can I access my points and rewards?
Thank you for joining us as a part of our community. Click on the navy gift icon on the bottom right hand corner of our store to access our rewards interface. After signing in, your points balance should be reflected as shown. 

How do I redeem my reward vouchers?
You may redeem your rewards via our Gift Rewards tab by clicking on the navy gift icon to access our rewards interface. Select 'Ways to redeem' to exchange your points for vouchers. A unique discount code will be generated which you can apply directly to cart.

I followed on IG but didn't get my 30 gift points.
All points earning and redemption activity happens on our Rewards Interface accessed via the navy gift button on the bottom right hand corner of our site. Be sure to sign in there and click 'Ways to earn' > 'Follow on Instagram' for our system to register that you have connected with us to award you the points!

It's my birthday this month, how do I receive my birthday gift points?
If your birthday falls within 30 days of registration, our system will not award any birthday points as a preventive measure. Please reach out to us via email or IG DM for our team to assist in manually gifting you your birthday points! All we'll need is a cropped picture of your name and birth date on your identification card for verification.