Origin: France | Type: Goat | Finishing: Semi-Aniline
The unique natural characteristics of this hide can be seen on its naturally pebbled surface as only a small amount of pigment is used to provide protection from dirt and solvent. Highly durable yet supple when seasoned over time, this leather is available in a wide selection of colours, and is versatile enough to match all watch faces. 


Origin: Italy | Type: Cow | Finishing: Vegetable Tan
One of the oldest methods to tanned leather, this type of tanning process allows the leather to age and patina visibly with time. This leather is best paired with traditional face, vintage or sport watches for a strong aesthetic. 


Origin: Italy | Type: Calf | Finishing: Semi-Aniline
Customised with water resistance and hypoallergenic properties, this leather makes the perfect lining for all day comfort around the wrist. 


Full-Grain Leather
Our products are only made with full-grain leather, the finest grade of leather achieved by selecting the best hides to be treated organically with minimal alterations to the surface, hence preserving the natural grains in its purest form. Natural surface variations are defining qualities of our full grain hides that sets them apart from other leathers. 


Note: Our leathers come in natural shades unique to every handcrafted piece. Any tone or grain variations, natural veining or stretch marks are signature features of organic leather and not to be considered as imperfections.