We recommend following these general guidelines for your Rever products to maintain it's natural beauty while lasting over time. 


Treating Dirt and Scratches

Rever Leather House Leather Care Treating Dirt and Scratches

To reduce scuff marks, gently massage the affected area to reduce the appearance of knicks or scratches. To remove dust and dirt that have accumulated over time, rub over the surface with a soft, moistened cloth. We recommend microfibre material, such as our Rever dust bag we have provided you with our small leather goods purchase.


Contact with Water

Rever Leather House Leather Product After Care Contact with Water

If your Rever leather goods have come into contact with rain/water, pat them dry with paper towels and leave them to air dry naturally. 


 Storing your Products

If you are keeping the product away for future use, we recommend keeping it in an indoor space away from direct heat/sunlight (to prevent drying/cracking), or dark, moist corners. Balance is key here! Store the item in breathable material such as the dust bags we have provided you with to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria.  


Use of Leathers Conditioners/Cleaners

We recommend sticking to a simple, natural cleaning process, and avoiding application of conditioners or cleaners as using harsh chemicals may end up stripping the natural gloss/oils of the leather if they are too abrasive. If you have such products and prefer to go for a deeper clean, make sure to test the product on a small area to ensure compatibility. 


Ageing Process of Leather

Here at Rever, many of our goods are created with vegetable tanned leather or an organic combination process. As part of its natural beauty and appeal, the leather will age with time and use to develop a unique patina. This includes darkening of shades, flattening of natural grains or softening of the material over time. These are signs of character developing from our products being well used over the seasons.